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PF Roll20 Demo Part 1 – Intermission

Peep this Stealth roll.


So overall, I think the first game went fairly well! We had some hiccups in the beginning, but I think we hit our stride near the end. I’d say you guys are about 2-3 hours away from completing this module.

Instead of a full blow-by-blow which will be the post after you guys finish, I’ll post your guys’ loot, battles, and experience points so far sans some special XP awards.

Firstly, the loot:

Goblin Chest:

  • A small sable pouch containing 20 gold pieces
  • (Masterwork dagger) – a well-made dagger in a lacquer sheath
  • (50GP) – A pea-sized ruby
  • (Cure Light Wounds) – A glass potion vial containing a fizzing orange liquid (CONSUMED)

Hobgoblin corpses:

  • 4 sets of stinking studded leather (one taken by Theodore)
  • 4 light steel shields painted with black hands
  • 3 longswords, slightly rusted
  • 1 longbow made of yew
  • 20 arrows fletched with vulture feathers


  • (Energy Heart) – A large, flawless ruby

Engorged goblin corpse:

  • A wooden dragon toy that flaps its wings when the tail moves
  • (Wand of Magic Missile, 4 charges) – A wand made of polished oak
  • A leather pouch containing 14 gold pieces


  • (+1 Dragonsbane Longsword) – A black sheath containing a longsword with a golden dragon hilt
  • (potion of levitation) – A bottle containing a milky white potion
  • (potion of invisibility) – A flask containing a clear potion
  • 175 gold coins in a leather sack

Secondly, the encounters and XP:

1. 4 Hobgoblins (CR 3) – Hobbler, Hobby Hobstar, Hobnobber, “Hungry” Hob Gadling

2. Fountain Room (CR 1/3)

3. Statuary/Altar (CR 1)

4. 2 Giant Spiders + 1 Spider Swarm (CR 4) – Wuda, Wrydda, and the Pretties

5. 2 Reefclaws (CR 3) -Hydrox, Oreo

Total XP (per person): 560 


The 65 point stat thing was unexpectedly constraining for feats, so I’m going to allow everyone to add a total of 5 more points in statistics. My only stipulation is that don’t make a stat higher than 18 before racials.

I’d like to finish this on Saturday night at 7 PM if that’s good for everyone. Just let me know on Puppyrush or Facebook if that doesn’t work.

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