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    Pathfinder Retrospective (2/9/13) – Mister Drow, That’s My Name, That Name Again Is Mister Drow

    Yikes, has it been 4 months?

    This update is long overdue, but this’ll be fairly short, since most of the session was taken up with combat.

    Session Summary:

    In the previous module part, the party managed to slay Wymund Pratt, a lower level Shadow Lodge operative who was being controlled by someone in town, and his retinue. After waiting some time in the Starry Night Inn, the group was summoned by the Duskwardens, Besel Ardoc, and Dakar of the Commerce League in a rare alliance.

    They give the party a key piece of secret information: the leader of the Shadow Lodge of Kaer Maga is a man named Kormiggon Sussworth, a former Pathfinder renowned as the “Wolfslayer.” In addition, Captain Alphonse reveals that the Duskwardens received an anonymous note requesting a meeting at the Meatmarket to reveal more Shadow Lodge-related information.

    Ardoc, Alphonse, and Dakar give the party the quest to stop the Shadow Lodge once and for all for the reward of 2000 gold pieces. However, Dakar’s operative gives the party another choice: bring Dakar Sussworth’s head and get 4000 gold pieces instead.

    With only the note in hand, the party goes to the Meatmarket. After a while eating pillbugs and sugar skulls, someone recognizes Gunnar, and a group of Shadow Lodge operatives–led by a gnome named Mickey Ticklefeet–attack. The party manages to slay the group with the time-honored method of “hitting them extremely hard.” One of the operatives has a key with a strange insignia, so the group travels to the Duskwarden barracks to discern its meaning.

    There, the Duskwardens explain that the key is for an abandoned prison called The Temple. Also, the short-handed Duskwardens request the group’s help with a Duskwarden operative that has gone missing while investigating a cult in town. Between the two quests, the party decides to investigate the cult first.

    Using the last notes of the Duskwarden as a guide, the group is guided to an old court house within the walls of Kaer Maga where a group of drow calling themselves the Cult of the Skinsaw¬† have taken refuge. The cult apparently abducts people from out of Kaer Maga’s alleys and “judges” them in a show trial before they are executed by an entity called “The Bailiff.”

    The group manages to fight their way through the courthouse, and defeat the inquisitor behind the cult and her anti-paladin cohort, saving the town of Kaer Maga from one of the two threats and nabbing a sweet shortsword in the process.

    Extra Character Sheets:

    Lahng, Eyeland, Ayeziti – level 1 drow fighters, “Peace Officers” of the court

    Jynn, Tahnic – level 2 drow rogues, “Warrant Servers” of the court

    (DNDsheets lost my character sheet for Adkov, the level 3 priest/”Docket Keeper”)

    Adjudicator Izeret – level 5 drow Vengeance Inquisitor

    Volruska the Spider Knight – level 5 drow Anti-Paladin

    Significant Loot:

    Masterwork Short Sword of Allying (a short sword with a 3-man phalanx engraved on the blade)