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    Pathfinder – Legend of the Red Dragon (6/9/2012)

    Last time, on Pathfinder:

    Gaedran Lamm, remember him? He wronged each of you in some way, so when you received a letter from a woman named Zellara asking to meet about what to do with him, you were introduced to each other. You tracked him down in his hideout, killed him, and learned that Zellara was dead and what you had been speaking to was, in fact, her spirit tied to her Harrow card deck. You also found a locket which belonged, surprisingly enough, to Queen Ileosa of Korvosa. You returned it and received the Queen’s thanks (and a sizeable amount of gold), and were asked if you would aid Field Marshal Cressida Kroft in Citadel Volshyenek. The task: stabilise the city, which was going through a… transitional period after the very recent death of the King.

    This you did, and were thus given a job: fetch rogue guard Verik Vancaskerkin from the All the World’s Meat butcher shop, where he’s set up with some other deserters. Along the way your party tangled with some imps, saved a noble from being lynched by a mob, and were pawed at by a grimy doomsayer. You slaughtered an errant guard or two and captured Verik, then brought him back to face the King’s (or I guess now, Queen’s) Justice. Retiring that evening you discovered a drunken guard sergeant named Grau, and dragged him back to the Citadel, to the thanks of Cressida.

    The whole ordeal ended with Cressida thanking you for your service, with a promise that she’d let you know when she had another job for you; thankfully the rioting has died down somewhat, and a strained, uneasy peace has fallen upon the streets of the city. In the meantime, she gave you a lead on a friend of hers who had a problem down near Riddleport. Four of you followed up on this, while two stayed behind in Korvosa. This ended up being a case of a missing brother-in-law, a tax collector who had last been seen in the podunk village of Ravenmoor.

    We all remember what happened there. There was some … unpleasantness involving a cult and some nightmare shit and a handful of wheat. So… yeah.

    You have now returned to Korvosa. After two days of rest (and spending your newly-found wealth; oh yes, lots of spending), the innkeeper stops you on your way out and presents you with a message, sealed with the royal seal of Korvosa. Opening it, you scan the contents: Field Marshal Kroft welcomes you back to Korvosa, and commends you on your excellent performance while simultaneously lamenting the tax-collectors fate. She then requests your presence that afternoon, telling you there is an urgent matter which requires your attention.

    So begins another eventful day in Korvosa…