The conclusion of the Cult (Nirmathas Campaign)

In case you forgot how the game even started, read the previous post.

Event Information:

READ THIS FIRST!  I wrote up what happened in the last two games below but before you start, it is extremely important that you read this part of the post.
Game start time: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Dinner Break: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Game end time: 9:30 PM

Please note that I will begin wrapping up the adventure at 9:00 PM.  I recommend everybody to show up before 2 PM as that is the only time I will allow everybody to shop.  After 2PM comes around, I will be closing all the shops and you will not be able to buy anything at all afterwards.  I recommend that everybody reads what their characters are capable of.  If you have the time, try to read what your class does and re-familiarize with the rules.

The Story so far:
After the meeting with Reginar, the adventurers finally decided to take action and investigate the temple in order to find hard evidence of the cult’s criminal activities.  They started this plan after midnight.  From there, they explored the basement and parts of the first floor.  They ran into some resistances along the way but it was nothing that they couldn’t handle.  From a hungry Krant stealing food to a trap door that led them to a poisonous snake, there was nothing that could stand in their way.  Eventually, they arrived to the stairs that would lead them up to the second floor.  Unfortunately, by climbing up the steps, the cultists guarding the stairs activated an audible alarm that alerted the entire temple.  Fortunately for the adventurers, the cultists were afraid of climbing upstairs due to the fact that only high ranking officials were allowed.  Unfortunately, the party was separated into two groups with two members being stuck on the first floor and the rest of the party stuck on the second floor.

Kala had enough inaction and decided to take things into her own hands.  She proceeded to jump down from the second floor, surprising the group below and the party members above.  The battle was fierce and would have been swift if it weren’t for the sudden arrival of Egarthis and his hell hounds.  It was a very close battle as two party members fell unconscious in the brawl.  Kala was almost gone for good but, thanks to her strong will and the adventurers, she managed to survive.  As soon as Egarthis fell in battle, the party made a hasty retreat upstairs to Iramine’s quarters and grabbed all the evidence and loot.  While they were in her room, they found a strange note that read:

Now that I have the completed amulet, I shall return to the City of Golden Death to finish what was started all those years ago.  At the time, I thought Kassen was a fool for insisting that we abandon such wealth but now I must thank him.  The treasure shall enrich the Living God, so that he will never die.  Such is the price of immortality.  Now I must return to the Isle of Terror and I cannot say that my journey will be without terrible danger.  May Razmir protect me.

They escaped the temple by using the secret underground passageway.  From there, they met up with Razmir at the Forest Bounty.  As soon as they delivered evidence of the temple’s foul deeds to Reginar, he immediately stormed off to speak with his contacts.  Within hours, Forest Marshal Gavrik has the Razmir faith outlawed in all of Tamran as a garrison of rangers moves in on the temple to arrest the remaining cultists.  Later in that evening, the garrison pulls down the entire building and put it to the torch.  With the Razmir threat eliminated from Tamran, Reginar meets up with the party moments later and congratulates everybody on a job well done.  While Reginar’s job is over, he hopes the adventurers will plan on chasing after the leader of the cult so that they can put an end to this menace once and for all as Tamran and Nirmathas will never be the same unless this threat is dealt with.

Important Characters:
Ekat Kassen – Famous crusader and fortune seeker.  The founder of the town of Kassen.  Used to be allied with Asar and Iramine until they split off after acquiring a great deal of treasure from an ancient treasure vault.  He used to have an amulet that matched with three other amulet pieces that would open the vault.  Died after Asar mortally wounded him in battle.

Asar Vergas – An old companion of Ekat who went his separate ways after splitting the treasure acquired from the ancient treasure vault.  Was killed by Ekat after Asar tried to raid the town of Kassen but not before mortally wounding Ekat.  Used to have the 2nd amulet piece that opened the way to the treasure vault.

Iramine  – The elven maiden who used to be companions with Asar Vergas and Ekat Kassen before they split up.  She is now the leader of the Razmir cult in Tamran.  She has sailed away from Tamran in search of the City of Death in order to reclaim her treasure in the name of the Living God.

Cygar Anravis – Mysterious member of the Pathfinder society who tries to find adventurers worthy enough to join his cause.  He sends the party off to Tamran.

Captain Welren – Captain of the Black Mist.  Loves fishes.

Reginar Lacklan – The pathfinder associate who resides in Tamran.  Gives the group vital information regarding the cult of Razmir and gives them a quest to find any incriminating evidence against the cult.

The Cult of Razmir – The faithful who worships the living god, Razmir.  They aim to corrupt the people and the government of Tamran and to increase the power of Razmir.  As of right now, the cult has been disbanded in Tamran.

Egarthis – The current leader of the temple and the first high ranking leader the party members meet.  Responsible for overseeing the ceremonies.  The party kills him in an epic final battle at the temple.

Krant – A brutish priest who is second in command.  He is responsible for overseeing the group and making sure they complete their tasks effectively.  He also enjoys a little bloodsport as he forces the group to fight amongst each other.  Status: Owned and dead.

Evlar – A homeless acolyte who joins the cult at the same time the party does.  His father beats him.  The party ends up killing him when he took party in the final battle at the temple.

Krox – transcended time and space in order to have lunch with Judgement Dave in Norrath.


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