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Pathfinder Godsmouth Heresy Post-Mortem: Package of Double Stuf Oreos Takes 10d10 Damage

Hi everyone,

Great job on completing the Godsmouth Ossuary! I hope everyone had a good time despite the loooooooong length.


These were the main complaints I got:

– Monsters were a bit too easy

– Length

I’ll work on both of those for the next module. Next time we’ll put 5-6 hours as a cutoff point. Another complaint was that people kinda spent a lot of time acting OOC and getting tied in knots on combat/exploration decisions which is fine up to a point, but it tied into the length complaint.

People really liked the challenges and not the spot XP system (get a stone for every passed skill check) so much, so I’ll definitely continue the former and discontinue the latter.


Here is the full list of stuff you guys found sans pure treasure/gold items (blue means it was magic, the unidentified forms are in red):

– cloak of resistance +1 (a silky, grey cloak)
– phylactery of faithfulness (an odd leather headband with a tiny wooden box inset in the middle)
– bracers of armor +1 (iron bracers curiously free of rust)
– Sihedron medallion (a seven-pointed star medallion)
– set of masterwork banded mail
– masterwork bastard sword
– 2 curved daggers
– stone tablet of Identify (a tablet that reads EVAD TNEMGDUJ)
– stone tablet of Hold Portal (a tablet that reads DLEIFRAG)
– stone tablet of Remove Disease (a tablet that reads AKUSA)
– stone tablet of Shatter (a tablet that reads GOOBLE GOBBLE)
– 2 scrolls of Delay Poison (a scroll that reads EM DAER)

– feather token (feather) (a green feather)
– feather token (whip) (a red feather)
– scroll of Remove Paralysis (scroll of FOOBIE BLETCH)
– bag of tarnished silver powder (worth 1 GP)
– a potion of love (a pink potion that tastes like strawberries and cream)
– a potion of Eagle’s Splendor (a clear, brown potion with white specks that tastes like old licorice)
– masterwork ranseur
– half-plate armor inscribed with the Rune of Wrath (cosmetic)
– 2 potions of Hide from Undead (a milky potion that tastes of chalk)
– wand of Disrupt Undead (a wand made of segmented animal bones)
2 potions of Cure Light Wounds (clear green potion that tastes like lime)
2 potions of Enlarge Person (dark red potion that has a slight fishy taste)
wand of Command Undead  (wand made of black iron)
– 1 flask of acid
– 2 flasks of alchemist’s fire
– 2 smokesticks
– 1 tanglefoot bag
– 1 thunderstone
– a set of masterwork studded leather
– a +1 spear
– an alchemist’s kit
– a set of masterwork embalming tools
– an alchemist’s formula book
– thieves’ tools
a scroll of Ghoul Touch (a scroll of SALADBWL)
a scroll of Mage Armor (a scroll of GUFF)


Here are the full lists of challenges:

Like I said, people liked these a lot, so I’ll definitely make more next module… and I just realized that I missed a golden opportunity to have a skeleton-centric challenge called ‘Charnel Knowledge.’ Dammit!


Here are the Pharasma encounter cards. Initially, the one statue in the Cathedral was only supposed to give you an Aid spell, but I thought that was kind of boring so I changed it into more of a meeting with Pharasma to add drama to the Esme encounter.


Rather than a synopsis of the entire module, because that would take a while to write, here’s a list of the encounters you had instead:

Encounter 11: 4 skeleton archers

Encounter 12: 3 crawling hands

Encounter 13: brown mold

Encounter 14: Erdikhaan (skeletal champion of Wrath)

Encounter 15: lemure

Encounter 16: 2 ghouls

Encounter 17: bloody skeleton

Encounter 18: 2 tengus (negotiated)

Encounter 19: lustspawn

Encounter 20: gasburst zombie

Encounter 21: alchemical skeleton and alchemical zombie

Encounter 22: Svilennius Tripe, Mr. Morrow, vat zombie

Encounter 23: Esme and her 2 skeletal handmaidens (Lulu and Fiona)

Encounter 24: 4 alchemical skeletons


Please update your DNDsheets. I’d like to see what new stuff you get and it helps me make challenges. See you all next time!

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