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Skulls and Shackles Module 2 Part 2 – Just Bee Yourself (1/31/2016)

Your horse rolled a 1 on Stealth.

Hi everyone!

Sorry for waiting for so long to make the last two write-ups. I need to do better on getting these out sooner because even though I took notes, I start to forget things. With all the wedding planning over and done with, I hope to start doing games again once every 4-6 weeks.

I’m liking everyone’s enthusiasm so far for Skulls and Shackles Part 2: The Skullening; it’s definitely a more sandbox-like module compared to what I’ve seen in Part 3.

Anyway, on to the summary! I’m going to do the session we did wayyyy back in January!

  1. Session rundown –

(Support: Grok)

The morning of day three at Rickety’s Squibs starts off like the other days before it: strong coffee and breakfast at the Demon and Crow followed by some very pirate-ish loafing. After the excitement with the water naga yesterday, the crew of the Man’s Promise is ready for a little more relaxing tropical vacation.

Unfortunately, Rickety Hake has other plans, and he bursts into the Demon and Crow with a surprise! As he leads the group outside, he mentions that the payment of the Heidmarch Manor has secured them a special gift: a brand-new light ballista and four ship-mounted crossbows!

Save for Matilda, however, none of the crew knows how to operate the ballista, so Rickety decides to illustrate with a tabletop game. He corrals the party into the Demon and Crow, breaks out a set of dice, puts two wooden ships and figurines on the table, and explains the basics of pirating.

After a few rounds of “combat”, Rickety knocks over his captain piece in frustration, and declares the game over. The crew is exhausted by this point, so they decide to take an early rest.

The next day, Rickety again disrupts the crew’s morning breakfast with a mundane business deal. He haggles for some of the Man’s Promise ship stores to arm the townsfolk against invaders. Just as they’re about to close the deal, however, a loud buzzing sound emanates from the jungle!

Swarms of giant bees displaced by the drought start attacking the townsfolk! Grok, eager for some bloodshed, hurls herself at the nearest giant bee, while the others use their spells and weapons to beat back the bugs!

Everything seems back to normal, but suddenly there’s a shout at the docks! In the confusion of the attack, it seems as though the lookout did not signal the town that a ship was approaching. Merrill Pegsworthy, a Free Captain of the Shackles has brought the Strix to the small town to be squibbed. He begs the Man’s Promise crew to attend to one of his buccaneers who was stung in the bee attack. Likour manages to heal him up well enough to stave off death and enough to earn the Captain’s thanks.

Rickety is still nervous; Lyle Godwin was on lookout duty and he should’ve signaled the town that a ship was in harbor. The Man’s Promise crew is asked to investigate, so they trek through the jungle west of town.

Tropical trees along the path are drooping from the extended drought, and the walk seems long and arduous. The monotony doesn’t last for long though, as a full-grown bull hippopotamus charges out of the trees! Afflicted with poison and enraged, the hippo tries to trample and bite its way through the crew. Theodore drinks his mutagen, turning into an even more savage beast! While the group distracts the hippo, he uses his claw and bite attacks to rip the hippo apart, quelling the danger.

As the crew nears the lookout’s post, they can tell that something’s very wrong. Godwin’s parrot Rotgut is flying around the area, and shouts to the post are unanswered. The truth is revealed when the crew reaches the summit: Godwin suffered a severe allergic reaction to the bee stings and has died already.

The group takes his body, along with his possessions, to Rickety. Everyone in town is despondent about losing one Rickety’s Squibs most valuable but remote residents. Rickety decides to give Lyle’s morning star and house to the crew in memory of him.

Godwin’s death seems like a poor omen on the day before the Christening of the new ship, but the crew gains a new member: Rotgut has decided to tag along with the new pirate crew on their adventures.

  1. Encounters –
    1. The Palm Tree Pirates – CR 5 (cut in half)
    2. “Not the Bees!” Fight: (4 Giant Bees, 1 Shacklized Honeybee Swarm, 1 Queen Bee, and a Giant Wasp Trying to Fit In) – CR 8
    3. Poisoned Hippopotamus – CR 5
  2. Loot –
    1. Rickety’s Squibs –
    • 3 lumps of royal jelly
    • 2 alexandrites
    • 1 citrine
    • Ring of Force Shield (wedding band with a single diamond embedded in it)
    • Tarnished wayfinder
    • Shaving kit
  1. Module Handouts –
  2. Customized Module/Character Sheets –
    1. Training Fight –
    2. Rickety’s Squibs Jungle –
  3. Session Totals –
    • XP: 1175 XP/person
    • Gold: 65 GP/person
  4. Current Infamy Totals –
    • Infamy: 5
    • Disrepute: 5
    • The crew can purchase DISGRACEFUL impositions.
    • Current crew level: 2 (A SCRAGGLE OF SCURVY SCALLYWAGS)

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