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Pathfinder – City of Perfect Strangers Part 1 (8/18/12)

(PSA: Update your DND Sheets please)

Hopefully you all had fun during our last-minute attempt to cover my screw-up impromptu Arkham Horror/Magic: the Gathering draft tournament. Now that that’s out of the way, time to get back to the next Chesapeake Pathfinder game. We’re going to be doing the first of a modified game of the City of
Strangers module, and I say modified mostly because this module is super-vague on a bunch of things, so I have to add in stuff and tweak the story a bit.

This module’s less about a dungeon crawl than encounters and a little investigation FYI.


The Church of Pharasma, clearly grateful for the services you rendered, has paid the lodging costs for you all to stay in a large suite located in a relatively nicer inn in Kaer Maga called the Starry Night, located at the junction of the Widdershins (the quiet neighborhood of Kaer Maga) and the Hospice (a red light/merchant district). Representatives of the church promise that they may know others who have tasks that require the group’s unique set of skills.

Though a week passes by without incident (or injury) to any of you, there seems something… off about the town. Maybe it’s the increase in hurried glances among Kaer Maga’s strange populace or a general rise in irritation amongst the townsfolk, but it feels like something big is happening under the surface.

In the midst of all this, the innkeeper your group receives a letter on gold-embossed paper while at the inn:

On the back of the envelope is a small drawing of an arch and a bit of handwriting that reads: Accept this job. We need to talk. – Cpt. R. D. Alfonse. 

In addition to this note, the innkeeper mentions he’s received something addressed to each one of you.

Several reminders:

– Decide on Facebook what to sell from the last time and buy items. It should be pretty easy to see what stuff you guys probably will never use (the masterwork ranseur for instance). On that note:
– You can sell scrolls and potions for the half the cost of the highest class/level combination for the base spell. I have an example of this on Facebook.
– Because Tier 1 City of Strangers (for level 1-2s) has less power behind it than a set of Styrofoam brass knuckles, you guys are going to play on Tier 2 (level 3-4s). I still might do some tweaking and I’m definitely adding in one party encounter that I hope will be at least a little challenging. Stock up on scrolls and potions and tools because I do think some of these encounters are harder.

Additions to this module:

– New challenges

– Secret missions for everyone with special rewards

– NPCs/locations using the City of Strangers supplement as a guideline

– Some different encounters

Time Limit: We’ll set this to 5 hours and see how everyone does and if you want to keep going we can go longer.


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