Behind the Screams,  Moving Picture Shows

Three – Two – One – Mark. *PSSHHHWWW*

The time is now.

Thus begins the great Puppyrush dot Net Movie Extravaganza. Here you will find deep, insightful reviews of movies the members of Puppyrush have gone out to see and watch, sometimes actually even paying for them in real-life movie theatrical encounters! The best part is, since these are ripped directly from a thread secreted deep inside the throbbing, moist sanctum of the PPR.NET forums, everything is live, unrehearsed, ripped directly from the mouths of babes (posters) and put down here for your truthful enjoyment. Uncensored, uncut, often rambling and nonsensical, with a poor sense of grammar and lack of reviewer’s etiquette.

Also, occasionally a review generated a discussion, and you’ll be privy to that information as well! Are you as excited as you should be to peek behind the veil of Puppyrush and witness the cogs in the machine? There’s no way you are! Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain, for he is nothing but a miserable little pile of secrets.

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