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Pathfinder (2/19) – banishing Moon Apes since 2011

Here’s some new information which will hopefully meet your Pathfinder needs! Also I need to make an announcement:
If you don’t show up for the 2/19 game, you’re out of the group. No hard feelings, we just need everyone there to get started on the campaign proper. There’s always next time (or other people’s games).

1) In addition to utilizing the Ultimate Combat playtest, we’ll also be including the Ultimate Magic playtest! That means more butterscotch for everyone, in addition to a new character class (The Magus) and a new style of play for casters (Words of Power mages). They’ll be linked below, or you can download them for free from Paizo’s website so why not!

2) I’ve got a nice, big map of Golarion here for you, along with a link to the Gazetteer, a nice pocket-sized version of the Campaign Setting. If you’d like to check out the Campaign Setting book, which is a slightly heftier download, by all means; there is a lot more information on races and nations. Get in touch with me and I’ll send it to you!

3) Stats are being re-balanced. In the future I’m planning to utilize a point-buy system to hit a sweet spot between players having control over their characters without making them way overpowered and difficult to balance. If people want to re-do their stats this way, that’s fine (I’ll take a vote sometime in the next week or two); if not, the rule is to take your stats BEFORE your racial modifier and add them up. The total needs to be between 80 and 85. If you currently surpass this, you’ll need to lower them suitably, and across the board. No lowering your least-used stat to 3 and keeping everything else topped off. I’ll take a look at everyone’s dudes way before playtime and make sure we’re all on the same page. I’m not too worried about it.

Map of Golarion
Pathfinder Chronicles – Gazetteer
Pathfinder Chronicles – Gods and Magic
Ultimate Magic – Words of Power
Ultimate Magic – Magus

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