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    Skulls and Shackles Module 1, Part ? (2/22/2014) –

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for playing on Sunday! I hope everyone enjoyed making Plugg and Scourge bite the dust after so long of being under their thumb. Smart thinking on your guys’ part really made the encounter easier. I’m going to repost this on the Puppyrush homepage with the PDFs of the MP crew members you killed.

    1. Feedback from me:
    – I know these big fights have pacing problems, but it’s cool everyone stuck around to the end (or near the end). I can understand getting distracted since there were over two dozen people in the turn order.
    – Talking to Erik was a smart idea and I made that aspect of the ch
    – The stuff with the trapdoor and the acid was very clever and a smart way to approach the encounter. Initially, it was going to be a pincer attack with both the double doors trapped with harpoons if they’re opened inward. Banmoril/Steven disabled the one trap, and Plugg threw open the doors after a few turns.
    – Pola was supposed to make a beeline for Theodore and steal his mutagen (as she heard from Plugg about the carnage he unleashed during the raid), but she got stymied by the crush of people.
    – Hana was supposed to do things like Command and Hold Gaze, but because she was surprised and killed right away this didn’t happen.

    2. Things changed from the initial module:
    – The way the crew members were divided was changed to be slightly more even.
    – The grunt pirates were altered from their initial CR 1/2 setup to a beefier CR 1 setup with custom designs/classes. They were all supposed to be like the Wormwood Pirates – Multi-class level 2s. They didn’t even have names or pictures for them, which was kind of lame.

    3. I’ll make some loot handouts later, but here are what Scourge and Plugg possessed:

    Master Scourge:
    – A whip made from bull leather
    – A masterwork handaxe carved with 16 notches for kills
    – A punching dagger
    – A green potion that is oddly hard to focus on (magical)
    A potion of Cure Light Wounds (magical)
    – A set of leather armor
    – A shortbow with 12 arrows in a leather quiver with a buttoned shutter
    – A golden boatswain’s call
    – A corked dark green bottle filled with a viscous red oil
    – 6 gold teeth
    – A leather snuff box with a diamond stud
    – (inside the box) A black powdery substance that smells like moss
    – A silver wedding ring
    – A black cloth pouch containing a betting stash: 14 platinum coins and 29 gold coins
    – Money pouches (confiscated at the beginning of the module) belonging to Thoka, Banmoril, and Likour
    – A steel key carved with an ‘S’

    Mister Plugg:
    – A cutlass with a golden skull-shaped handguard (magical)
    – A masterwork cat-o’-nine-tails
    – A light crossbow with ten bolts
    – 3 crossbow bolts carved with curious holes on the bolt point (magical)
    – A set of masterwork leather armor
    – A golden amulet with a octagon-shaped emerald (magical)
    – A set of silver bracers (magical)
    – A small golden key (magical)
    – A leather drinking cup
    – A leather pouch containing a betting stash: 200 gold coins and 100 silver coins
    – Money pouches (confiscated at the beginning of the module) belonging to Hrafn, Star Killer, and Theodore
    – A steel key carved with a ‘P’

    4. Here are the character sheets I made for some of the Man’s Promise crew:

    Erik, level 2 Fighter

    Hana, level 2 Inquisitor of Asmodeus

    Silent Pola, level 2 Ninja

    The Blue Lady, level 3 Adept