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    Cthulhu by Gaslight – A Single Light in the Dorkness


    Here are the steps to go through making your character:

    1. Download the following: Call of Cthulhu Core Rulebook, Cthulhu by Gaslight, 1890s Character Sheet. The username and password can be found on Facebook, or by asking me.
    2. Start on page 33 of the pdf. There will be two pages which list all the steps to make your own investigator. But guess what??? A lot of that is already done for you by the next step.
    3. Visit the Puppyrush Character Generator to generate your character’s stats. It’s that easy! Try and ignore the typos, though; computer programers are not known for their spelling abilities. Fill out the character sheet with the information it gives you.
    4. Browse through page 40 in the Core book and pages 9-12 in the Cthulhu by Gaslight books, which provide you with lots of sample Occupations. If you already have a certain type of investigator in mind, adjust your stats. If you want to be a professor, but you’ve rolled an INT of 9 and a STR of 18, feel free to switch them.
    5. Once you have your basic stats figured out, continue with the steps listed in the Core book to finish your dudes and dudettes. But first, read:
    6. Some Character Restrictions (This Is Important And In All Caps):
      1. No poors. All investigators have to be at least lower-middle class. As much as I enjoy being a champion of the working man, unless we’re running a certain type of game, poverty does not make for much freedom in Victorian England. Or today, for that matter.
      2. Everyone has to have at least 15% in either Archeology or Anthropology. Most of you will probably need to invest Interest Points into this, but maybe one or two of you will have Occupations that include this. I’ll explain why a little later. If you invest enough points to reach 30%, you’ll gain a specialty. I’ll talk more about that when we meet.
    7. Be sure to bring:
      1. Your character sheets
      2. A pencil (you’ll be doing a lot of erasing on your sheets)
      3. Something to write notes on
      4. DICE! If you have dice please bring dice. We’re particularly looking for d10s (10-sided dice, whether they are 00-09 or 10-100).
    8. If you are really confused by any of this, I’ll be around to help with character creation and setting you up, as will others who know the system. If this is necessary, PLEASE COME BY EARLY, EITHER TO WEST HYATTESVILLE METRO (BEFORE 3PM) OR TO SOUTH CAMPUS DINER (AFTER 3PM) where I’ll be hosting High-Minded Twaddle. We’re already beginning quite late, so if you come by at 6 and we have to set up your character… I mean we still will, it doesn’t take THAT long, but it would be so much easier if we had it finished earlier.

    The Story

    The time is October 1891; the place, London, England. A few years earlier Jack the Ripper made headlines around the world, nowhere moreso than here, the staging place. Steam power has ushered in a new age of connectivity and travel, while the advances in electricity by the Americans have already produced marvels which will take some years to be replicated in England. The automobile remains an extreme luxury, and the few motorists who exist are throttled at 4 mph inside London. The notorious London fog is in full effect, rendering travel at night a dubious proposition, despite the government’s best attempts at ensuring the many gas lights which adorn the city streets remain lit at night.

    The investigators are spending a cool but humid Saturday morning at the Amateur Archeological Society, a social club located in Holborn (a London district), near to the British Museum. The club at present is headed by a Sir Kevin Holstaff, a wealthy amateur explorer who makes a habit of going on expedition whenever possible, whether in the jungles of the Congo or the mountain valleys of Tibet. At a relatively young age of thirty-seven, Holstaff inherited the family fortune after his father and two older brothers were lost at sea. Due to his young age and the shirking attitude he adopted as the youngest of three brothers, the Amateur Archeological Society is unique (and notorious) among London social clubs in that it caters to both men and women. While there, someone approaches the club, and asks the doorman to speak to one of the investigators…


    The Investigators

    Eugene Fairbanks, American-born electrical engineer

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    Pathfinder – (2/19) Curse of the Crimson Throne

    Game time is less than a week away! Holy Moses! One last update for you before we meet up, just to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

    1) BACKSTORIES ARE IMPORTANT FOR THIS CAMPAIGN! You don’t need much, I keep saying this but I don’t think too many people have actually taken care of it yet. You can wait until the very last day if you want, but don’t expect me to work it into the story (because I won’t have the time). There is a Player’s Guide to the campaign we’re running which I will make available RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE RIGHT HERE – download it, look it over, and at least go to the section on Character Traits so you know what we’re looking for. They give you sample stories to explain your connection to the Big Bad Guy this time around, with traits to go along with them. If you choose these stories/traits they will take up your one trait available, so if you want to have one of these stories and not choose the trait that’s fine. There are a lot of ways to tie yourself to this guy aside from what’s in the book so there’s no excuse!

    2) We are nuking the last “adventure” (I invest that word with a great deal of scorn) we had, since it bore little to no relevance to this campaign. We could fit it in, but with people dropping in, out, and starting new characters, it just makes more sense to do it this way. We’ll go over gold totals before the game, but it’s of relatively little importance so don’t worry about it.

    3) If everyone could bring around $4 for the first part of the campaign + the city guide that would be great. The guide was ~$12, the adventure was somewhere in the realm of $15-20. Anything over the cost of those two will be put towards future campaign books. If you decide you don’t want to keep playing you get your dollar back it’s that easy!

    I hope to see everyone there on Saturday, and I hope we all have a good time. Going to aim for around a 2 PM start time. Please show up and be fed by 2 PM! PARTY ON


    Curse of the Crimson Throne Player’s Guide

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    Pathfinder (2/19) – banishing Moon Apes since 2011

    Here’s some new information which will hopefully meet your Pathfinder needs! Also I need to make an announcement:
    If you don’t show up for the 2/19 game, you’re out of the group. No hard feelings, we just need everyone there to get started on the campaign proper. There’s always next time (or other people’s games).

    1) In addition to utilizing the Ultimate Combat playtest, we’ll also be including the Ultimate Magic playtest! That means more butterscotch for everyone, in addition to a new character class (The Magus) and a new style of play for casters (Words of Power mages). They’ll be linked below, or you can download them for free from Paizo’s website so why not!

    2) I’ve got a nice, big map of Golarion here for you, along with a link to the Gazetteer, a nice pocket-sized version of the Campaign Setting. If you’d like to check out the Campaign Setting book, which is a slightly heftier download, by all means; there is a lot more information on races and nations. Get in touch with me and I’ll send it to you!

    3) Stats are being re-balanced. In the future I’m planning to utilize a point-buy system to hit a sweet spot between players having control over their characters without making them way overpowered and difficult to balance. If people want to re-do their stats this way, that’s fine (I’ll take a vote sometime in the next week or two); if not, the rule is to take your stats BEFORE your racial modifier and add them up. The total needs to be between 80 and 85. If you currently surpass this, you’ll need to lower them suitably, and across the board. No lowering your least-used stat to 3 and keeping everything else topped off. I’ll take a look at everyone’s dudes way before playtime and make sure we’re all on the same page. I’m not too worried about it.

    Map of Golarion
    Pathfinder Chronicles – Gazetteer
    Pathfinder Chronicles – Gods and Magic
    Ultimate Magic – Words of Power
    Ultimate Magic – Magus

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    Pathfinder: Seek Your Path Down the Trail Which Led You Here to Find the Truth (February 19th is GAME TIME)

    Okay here are some changes to the game for next time:

    1) Traits are IN. Go HERE to look up what you have available. One per person so don’t get too crazy. Anything is open to you, more or less, with the caveat that you must work it into your backstory. Which reminds me,

    2) Backstories, while not mandatory, help both the DM (that’s me) and you (that’s you) understand and work with your character. It’s a lot easier to remember your character’s alignment and particulars of their personality when you have a source to draw such things from, instead of the nebulous ‘well I’m Lawful Good but not really in a high-handed douchebag way.”

    You’re free to not write a backstory if you really don’t want to, but then you won’t get a trait (and everyone else is going to make one so just make one alright). It doesn’t have to be long or really detailed; a paragraph or two will be more than sufficient. Check out the geography of the Pathfinder world HERE to start checking out countries and what have you for your chosen race. You may want to wait until I figure out where this campaign is going to be set so you can figure out how you got there, or you can jump right in and start building it now. It’s seriously not hard.

    3) Most of you already know this, but I will be allowing use of the Ultimate Combat Guide (I think that’s what it’s called) beta, which includes three new classes (Gunslinger, Ninja and Samurai) to choose from. Go HERE to check it out and see what’s what! I would think if you want to choose either Samurai or Ninja you’d have to be from Tian (basically another continent which is Asia) but I’m always open to changing or breaking rules if you can provide a good backstory and logical reasoning so there you go!

    4) Remember that, after last time, you can change essentially any part of your character you’re not happy about. Talk to me about it first so I can make sure it gels with everyone else and that it’s OK but aside from that it’s pretty much Open Season. If you’ve taken some more time to peruse the kits, or you don’t like your feats, or whatever, just tell me what you want to do and we’ll try to get it done.

    Either get in touch via the usual methods OR just comment below! My Goodness that’s so handy and easy and convenient now there’s absolutely no reason not to wait until the last minute for things!

    Handy links you may need to refer to again:

    Character Traits
    The World of Golarian
    Ultimate Combat Playtest <-- this is passworded ask me for the password if you don't already know it! or anyone else on puppyrush because they all know it!