CoC Character Template Guide

Dice Rolls

Strength (STR): Roll a 3D+6

Constitution (CON): Roll a 3D+6

Power (POW): Roll a 3D+6

Dexterity (DEX): Roll a 3D+6

Appearance (APP): Roll a 3D+6

Size (SIZ): Roll a 2D+6

Intelligence (INT): Roll a 2D+6

Education (EDU): Roll a 3D+3

Derived Stats

Minimum age (EDU + 6): Take your EDU stat and add 6

Sanity: (POW * 5) = Multiply your POW by 5

Damage Bonus (STR + SIZE use chart): Add your STR and SIZE and use the chart on page 43

Idea (INT * 5): INT * 5

Luck (POW * 5): POW * 5

Know (EDU * 5): EDU * 5

Mythos: Always starts at 99 for a new player

Hitpoints (ceil((CON + SIZE / 2)): Average of your CON and SIZE

Starting Money (Page 36): Roll a D10, consult the chart in the book on page 36

Skill points (Page 37): EDU * 20, allocate into either your profession skills or wherever

Intrest points (Page 37): INT * 10, allocate into anything